Over the Door Shoe Organizers, Not Just for Shoes!

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Over the Door Shoe Organizers, Not Just for Shoes!

I run into people all of the time that think that organizing means buying nice shelves and cute storage bins or baskets to store their stuff.  That everything has to be pretty and matching.  That’s not organizing, that decorating.  There is a big difference between having specific places to store your stuff and having decorative items to show things off.  Sometimes all of those pretty, matching storage basket and bins actually create more clutter in your space.

Organizing means “to arrange or order things so that they can be found or used easily or quickly”.  People who are successful organizers are not focused on the beauty of the organizing system (that can come later) but the functionality of the system.  One of my golden rules of organizing is to “Store it where you use it”.  Sometimes that means that you have to get creative with your organizing.  Shelves and baskets don’t always work in the space that you have.  I have found that one of the most under-utilized spaces in a home is behind the door.  Yes, that space between the door and the wall.  It’s amazing really, how much space is actually there.

One of the easiest, most versatile organizing tools that I have found is the clear, plastic over-the-door shoe organizer.  This product can be purchased at any number of stores (Target, The Container Store, Ikea) from $10 – $20 dollars.  What I love about this organizing system is that it can be used in every room for almost anything.  I suggest the clear plastic so that you can always see what you have.

Places to use the over-the-door shoe organizer:

1. Hang it in your kitchen over your pantry door to hold snacks, spices, water bottles or cleaning supplies.

PicMonkey Collage Kitchen

2. Hang it in your craft room to hold ribbons, bows, buttons, scrap booking accessories, cutting utensils, etc.

PicMonkey Collage Craft Room

3. Hang it in your toy room or kids bedrooms to hold Lego’s, Barbie’s, video gaming accessories and games, even stuffed animals.

PicMonkey Collage Toys

4. Hang it in your bathroom (even under the cabinets) to hold toiletries, cleaning supplies, nail polish , makeup, and hair accessories

PicMonkey Collage Bathrooms

5. Hang it in your closet for belts, jewelry, scarfs, sock, and yes, even shoes.


Over-the-door shoe organizers provide literally thousands of possibilities to help you organize any space in your home.  Just remember, the easier you make your organizing system, the easier it will be for you to stay organized.  Then, once you are totally organized, you can go back and make everything beautiful with your favorite decorative accents.

Happy Organizing!  Bridges

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Can you See What you Own?

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Closets are one of my favorite areas to organize.  The transformation that a closet can go through in a few short hours is hard to replicate in any other room in a house.  Organizing a closet can give a person a huge feeling of relief and a sense of peace.

Copywright.closet.after Copywright.closet.before.jpg







See what I mean?

An organized closet can help a person get the day off to a good start.  It lets them see what they have more easily.  This helps them make more outfits with less clothes.  Mixing and matching is easier in an organized closet.  Plus, it allows a person to go straight to piece of clothing they need  instead of weeding through everything they own to find that one item.

Use these 10 Commandments of Hanging Clothes from clos-ettetoo.com as your guide.

Happy Organizing!  Bridges

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Should I Pack This?

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Should I Pack This?

Preparing for a trip can be a very exciting time or it can be a very stressful time, depending on how organized you are.  Taking some time leading up to your trip, to pack your suitcase, will alleviate a great deal of last minute stress and ensure that you have all the items you need.

Consider taking the whole week prior to your trip to pack.  Does this sound time consuming?  Well, in reality, following these few tips will save you a great deal of time overall and allow you to begin your trip stress free.

1.  Have your suitcase out and open the week prior to leaving for your trip.
2.  Each day leading up to your trip, plan an outfit or two.  Don’t forget accessories, shoes and socks, and undergarments. Make sure that all of the parts of your outfits are together.  (Be sure to check the weather report for your destination so you can be sure you are choosing appropriate clothing.)
3.  Instead of making a list of things to remember, simply collect the item as you remember it and drop it in your suitcase. (Don’t worry about the actual packing part at this time – just get it to the suitcase.)
4. A day or two in advance, grab your camera (make sure your batteries work), phone or tablet chargers, pajamas and miscellaneous item and toss them in your suitcase.
5.  The day before you leave, take a few minutes to neatly pack your suit case to be sure that everything fits.  Be sure to leave room for the toiletries you will need to get ready the next day.
6. The day you leave, you should be able to get dressed, drop your toiletries into your bag after you use them, and head out the door.

Vacations should be fun.  So, why start your vacation stressed out because you were rushing to get packed?  Taking a few minutes throughout the week, prior to your trip, should allow you to save time, energy, and avoid stress, which will help make your trip more enjoyable.

Happy Organizing!

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So Many Batteries

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So Many Batteries


A discarded 9 volt battery, from a smoke detector, was responsible for this house fire.


For proper battery disposal check out earth911.com/recycling to help you find the proper place to recycle your used batteries (& much more).

Where proper disposal of your used batteries can prove confusing, storing unused batteries is just as complicated.  I have seen batteries everywhere in peoples homes, every room, drawer, closet, and even in the refrigerator though the years.  Having batteries stroon throughout your house not only adds to your clutter but is a potential hazard if they leak, or god forbid, catch on fire.

I always tell my clients to “Keep Like Items Together”.   You should have one central place to store all your batteries.  This Battery Rack with Tester from The Container Store is a great product, as it holds multiple types of batteries, all in one place.  It can be stored in a drawer, on a shelf, or even mounted on the wall.  I like this because it keeps all your batteries together, holds multiple battery sizes, and has the battery tester attached.  Mount the rack in your garage or in a utility room for easy access.  Also, be sure it is out of the reach of small children.

If you do not have a battery rack always be sure to keep unused batteries in their original packaging.  This will help you know that they are still new.  Use a plastic tub for each battery size and place the whole package inside the tub.  Label the outside of the tub with a marker (AAA, AA, C, D, etc.) and store all the tubs together in one location.  Keeping them sorted will help you quickly find what you need.  The plastic tubs helps to keep thing safe should a battery leak.

Just for fun, if you do not have a battery tester and you are unsure if your batteries are dead, check out this video for a fast and easy way to test your batteries with no additional equipment.

Battery Testing - http://www.youtube.com/embed/Y_m6p99l6ME

Happy Organizing!  Bridges


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What’s Up With Bridges

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What’s Up With Bridges

I really love what I do.  The interaction I have with my clients, many of whom become my friends.  The joy I feel from helping someone sort through their clutter and watching their life change as we go.  I feel very fortunate to have so many wonderful people in my life.  However, I feel that there are a lot of people out there that I don’t get to foster that relationship with.  Many of you follow my blogs or newsletters but I have not had the chance to meet or get to know you on a personal level.  For all of you, I thought it would be nice for you to hear a little about what I’m doing and where I’m going.

My business has grown exponentially over the years and I thank all of you for helping to make that happen.  Over this last year I’ve had so many great opportunities to get out of the clutter and get in front of the camera, the crowd, and the microphone.  I recently published 20 different eHow videos that offers quick tips and suggestions for organizing just about everything.  I am currently filming with Channel 3 News for an organizing series that will air during the morning broadcast. (I’ll be sure to let you know when that segment will air.)  I have spoken to many groups of people and organizations including; the Women’s Connection, the Kyrene School District, the City of Peoria Adult Education group, and I’ll speaking at the Mesa Chamber of Commerce on January 28th.  I have also had the opportunity to be featured on several radio shows including KFNX and WAHM.

When I look back at all of the things that I have accomplished over this last year, I still feel that my proudest moments come when helping my clients in their homes.  I plan on continuing to offer exceptional service to help people get organized, as well as grow my business to touch more lives.  I ask that you continue to follow my blogs or sign up for my newsletter to see how far we can take my business this year.

Thank you to my followers, my friends.

Happy Organizing! Bridges

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Organizing with Style: How to Add Closet Space

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People don’t seem to have enough time these days.  Everyone is busy and in a rush to get somewhere or get something done.  “I just don’t have the time” is one of the most frequent excuses I hear for why people are not or can not get organized.  Because everyone is so busy and overwhelmed I though it would be great to make a series of short videos that gives specific information about organizing different areas of their homes.  These videos provide quick, useful tips to help everyone get started organizing.

I hope that you find this information useful and I welcome your thoughts and comments about the video.

Happy Organizing! Bridges

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Three Parts

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Three Parts

I recently saw this blog from Messy’s Anonymous and felt that it really dissected the problem that leads to clutter.  We need to be sure that we truly complete a task before we consider it finished.

Insects have three parts, head, thorax, and abdomen.
Like an insect, each job has three parts, beginning
(getting ready), the job itself (doing the job),
and the end (cleanup). These are not three different
jobs. They are aspects of one job. Until all three
parts are completed, that one job is not done.

The laundry is not finished until it is put in the
drawers or closet. The dishes are not done until
they are put up. The house is not cleaned until
the cleaning equipment is returned. You have not
completed grocery shopping until the groceries are
put away. You have not properly come into the house
until your coat is hung up and your packages are
properly stowed.

Complete each job before you leave it.

Thank to Sandra Fulton the great blog.

Happy Organizing!  Bridges

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