Have you ever made a conscience effort to save money during the holiday season?  Pretty tricky, right; because what you typically have to forfeit to save money, is time.  Vice-versa, if you try to save time during the holidays you generally end up spending more money.  How can you save time and money during the holiday season?

First, DON’T, NEVER, EVER go holiday shopping without a plan and a budget.  Taking a little bit of time to think about what you really need will make a huge difference on your wallet and on your stress level and ultimately save you are great deal of time.  Write down some of these things to give yourself a general idea of what you really have to purchase.

– Who do you have to give a gift? Bosses or co-workers, gift exchanges or white elephant gifts, hostess gifts for holiday parties, etc.

– Who would you like to give a gift?  Family, friends, gifts to donate.  Jot down a few ideas for each person.

– How much do you have to spend?  Be realistic.  Think about how you are going to feel when you receive your credit card bills in January if you overspend, then make a reasonable budget with that feeling in mind.

– Don’t forget to budget the incidentals.  Wrapping paper, bows, a few extra gifts to have on hand in case you need one at the last minute, food for holiday dinners, cookie exchanges, etc.

Next, download the RedLaser app to your smartphone.  This app allows you to scan the barcode of any item and compare the price with other local retailers.  This app is especially handy when shopping for toys for kid gifts, since so many store carry the same products it can really cut down on wasted time trying to figure out where to shop.  RedLaser also stores all your loyalty cards helping to cut down on the weight of your wallet. 

Finally, remember to stop for a few minutes to really enjoy the holidays.  Use the time you save with the RedLaser app to have coffee with a relative, meet your husband for lunch or have a cocktail with some friends. 

Happy Holidays and Happy Organizing!