Is it a chore to wade through your closet when you’re getting dressed in the morning? If you take the time to put your closet in order, you can save money and time. Follow along with Bridges Conner as she sorts through and re-organizes a client’s closet in our video and gives you tips on how to get your closet organized.

Tanya Lively is a commercial real estate professional, avid runner, and a busy wife and mom. Her closet is a reflection of that lifestyle. Her husband’s side also needs to be rearranged to make it easier to find the clothes he wears most often, like shirts for work.

The first step is to take everything out; Tanya will need to decide what she will keep and what goes. Bridges recommends you hang everything after taking it out so you can see exactly what you own. Pull together like items and colors when you are sorting and purging, as you might end up finding out you have a lot of duplicates.

After purging and sorting, create categories based on how you use your clothing. Then place those groups of clothing back in your closet in a way that makes sense for your lifestyle. For example, you probably want your work clothes to be easily accessible, and your evening wear in its own area separate from your everyday attire. One of Bridges’ favorite items for the closet is a velveteen closet hanger. These quarter of an inch thick hangars take up very little space, and you can even hang your spaghetti straps on them, and they won’t move on the hangers.

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