Organizing for the holidays can be simple and time saving. Organizing doesn’t have to be complex. Ultimately it should help simplify your life, decrease stress and eliminate the time consuming endeavor of searching for all those misplaced items when you need them most! These 3 simple organizing tips for the holidays will help decrease the stress and chaos during the holiday rush this month.

Simple Organizing Tip #1 – Make Your Bed

Why not begin each day with a simple and quick ritual of making your bed. Yes, take 2-3 minutes to make your bed and start your day off right so that you are ready to tackle all of those holiday to do lists and tasks! If this is not a habit that you do routinely already then start today. You will immediately notice the difference it makes in your outlook and how nice it is to have an organized and made bed each and every day!

Simple Organizing Tip #2 – Stow As You Go 

This may seem simple too but it is really effective if you decide to make it a regular habit. This is the time of year when it matters most when you are rushing around and trying to get your house in perfect order for the holidays and your visitors. Remember to put the things away immediately after you are finished using them to avoid leaving that unnecessary trail of clutter behind you. This simple rule will make you happier and everyone else too. Think of it this way delayed decisions create clutter in your life!

Simple Organizing Tip #3 – Do It Right Away 

Again this may seem very simple but yet is a really effective time saver. The time you invest up front will be well worth the time you save.  A perfect example this time of year is the mail since it is usually 2-3 times more than any other time of the year. Start by making a designated “home” for the mail items that require action or response.  This will provide a designated place for items in your mail that require your attention such as bills. The key is to establish a habit of going through the mail immediately after you pick it up.  The same would apply to all those holiday goodies and groceries that you purchase and bring home. Put things in their “home” immediately to eliminate the clutter of letting them sit on the counter or another temporary location.

Organizing can be as simple as 1, 2, 3 with the following tips: make your bed every day, stow as you  go,  do it right away and make your life much brighter this holiday season.  We can’t wait to help bring the gift of organization to you, your family and friends too!

GOWB + CO would like to wish you, your family, friends and loved ones a happy, healthy and organized holiday season!