10 Golden Rules to Get Organized

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How can GOWB + CO and our team of professionals organizers help Unclutter and Organize?

Do you feel surrounded by clutter and don’t know where to start? Get Organized with Bridges and Company (GOWB + CO) strives to help you unclutter, organize and streamline your spaces. Whether it is your office, home, garage, car, etc. the services and resources GOWB + CO offers will help simply your life and spaces so that you can be more efficient and organized. GOWB + CO works to eliminate the unnecessary clutter from your busy life so you have more time to enjoy the things that really matter to you.

Get Organized with Bridges works closely with every client to provide a customized organizing plan. We guarantee a non-judgmental approach and create an organizing plan that is unique to your lifestyle. As a member of NAPO (National Organization of Professional Organizers), my team of expert organizers and I follow a very strict code of ethics based on respect, honesty, and confidentiality. We are committed to environmentally friendly practices by re-using and re-purposing items you already have or donating items you no longer need.

The goal of GOWB + CO is to provide you with lifelong organizing strategies and resources for a clutter-free, less stressful and more organized life.

Such a nice surprise to see what a whirlwind you are and what you can accomplish so quickly when I am not able to be actively involved!

Do yourself a favor and let Get Organized with Bridges and her team create magic in your home!

Busy Professionals

  • Home Office
  • Traditional Office
  • Monthly Maintenance
  • Lifestyle Management

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In Transition

  • Divorce
  • Marriage
  • Death in family
  • Merged Households

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Downsizing / Simplifying

  • Consignment Coordination
  • Estate Sale Coordination
  • House Prep for Move Out
  • Unpacking/ Move In
  • Changing Your Space

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Business-to-Business Partners

  • Organizing Consultants
  • Interior Designers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • General Contractors (remodeling, painting projects)

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Bridges came into my life when I was at an all-time low and my husband was ready to call 1-800 Junk. She saved our marriage!

If you are looking for someone to help you organize any project no matter how big or small, call Bridges as she has an amazing team of organizers and you won’t be disappointed!

I still have a tendency to pile up stuff, so that is why I have Bridges on speed dial!