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Welcome to Bridges’ Favorites!

This is a guide to the products Bridges and her team use with her clients to get them organized.

Crystal Clear Over The Door Hanging Shoe Organizer

Crystal Clear Over The Door Hanging Shoe Organizer

I love this organizer. I’ve used it with my clients for belts, jewelry, accessories, Barbie dolls, stuffed animals, and toy trucks. I even saw one client use it on the backside of her pantry with canned foods in it. This clear organizer is exceptionally versatile.

Get the organizer here.

FlipFold Shirt & Laundry Folder

This is just as easy as it sounds. You literally get perfectly folded t-shirts with just a couple of flips and a fold.

Get the FlipFold here.

Expand A Shelf Organizer for Canned Goods & Spices

The key here is that this product is expandable. So whatever size space that you’ve got, you can utilize the entire area. Additionally, this product has a stair-step design, which allows each row of cans or spices to be easily readable and reachable.

Get the Canned Goods Expand-a-Shelf.

Get the Stainless Steel Expand-a-Shelf.

Double-Sided Hanging Gift Bag Organizer

The clear plastic pouches make it very easy to see all of the gift bag organizers at a glance. This organizer is double-sided, allowing one side for gift bags and the other side for tissue paper.

Get the gift bag organizer here.

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