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Are you downsizing or maybe simplifying to a more minimal lifestyle? GOWB + CO Offers expert organizing professionals that will help coordinate the consignment of unwanted items, set up and coordinate an estate sale of unwanted items. We can help organize your home for sale and then unpack and organize in the new location. GOWB + CO can also offer solutions to change the configuration of a space to make it more useful and organized too.
  • Rita B.Rita B.

    Get Organized with Bridges is such a great company. They offer Free Consultation, are very professional and a nice team of organizers. Great Local Company.... Read More

  • Brie H.Brie H.

    Bridges came to my home to help me get my new "home office" organized and put together. I currently am starting a new business and have a few contract jobs,... Read More

  • Roger S.Roger S.

    Bridges has completely transformed our home. We hired her to help with our closets and garage and it was the best money we've ever spent on our home. I... Read More