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Are you downsizing or maybe simplifying to a more minimal lifestyle? GOWB + CO Offers expert organizing professionals that will help coordinate the consignment of unwanted items, set up and coordinate an estate sale of unwanted items. We can help organize your home for sale and then unpack and organize in the new location. GOWB + CO can also offer solutions to change the configuration of a space to make it more useful and organized too.
  • Phil ItzkowitzPhil Itzkowitz

    Where do I begin to describe this wonderful experience? My brother lives in Phoenix and I live in Maryland. His wife died in early June and this meant that he had to move. How could we get this done quickly and efficiently. How could I help at such a distance? The Realtor that we were working with recommended Bridges, and that turned out to be a great thing. Bridges found the absolutely perfect person (Lisa Fredette) to work with my brother. She worked with my brother to get him ready for the move, stayed involved with the move, and helped to set him up in the new place. This experience was unbelievable. After initially speaking with Bridges, I expected a lot, and that things would go well. Everything went better than I could have expected. Could not have written a better outcome - even if i had the power to do so. The amount of dedication and real concern for my brother and his needs, far exceeded anything that I could have imagined. I do not have the words to thank Bridges and Lisa!!!

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  • Barb WomackBarb Womack

    Bridges and her team at Get Organized with Bridges + CO took a great deal of stress out of downsizing my home of 20 years and moving to my new home. Initially the job seemed overwhelming, and in such a short time frame. I felt immediately confident in Bridges at her first consultation. Team members Cindy and Denise spent 3 days with me organizing, packing, planning, running things to donation, etc. etc. they were extremely friendly, efficient and professional and beyond that, I quickly felt that I was being supported by 2 new friends! I would recommended Bridges and her team to anyone needing help with organizing, packing, downsizing and the many services Bridges provides. She was also able to give me references for other services that all turned out to be excellent.

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  • Rita B.Rita B.

    Get Organized with Bridges is such a great company. They offer Free Consultation, are very professional and a nice team of organizers. Great Local Company.... Read More

  • Lisa F.Lisa F.

    I can't express in words how much Bridges and her team of organizers helped me when I downsized after my husband passed away. We were able to find proper... Read More

  • Silver RoseSilver Rose

    I did not hire Bridges to help organize me (although I know she's brilliant at it). I'm actually pretty good at that myself. What I hired her and her team for was to help me pack when I moved. Could I have done it myself? Sure! Was it worth every penny I paid to get them to do it for me? ABSOLUTELY.

    We women have to stop with the Super Woman syndrome. Reach out for help when you need it. Pay a little to get back more time. Men don't hesitate to do this. Do it for yourself! You deserve it!

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  • Roger S.Roger S.

    Bridges has completely transformed our home. We hired her to help with our closets and garage and it was the best money we've ever spent on our home. I... Read More

  • Sheryl RunoSheryl Runo

    I could not have accomplished all that was needed with our move without Bridges + CO. To add to our move, we had a bridal shower, wedding rehearsal dinner, then the main event, the wedding, all scheduled within a week at our new location. To add to our angst, our out of town guests were to arrive two days after our move in date. Our daughter mentioned Bridges and the wonderful organizational team that assisted her and suggested I contact them myself. What a relief! They came to our new home which was stacked with boxes in every room and promptly got to work. I had the kitchen, closets, bathrooms, and beds made all within a few hours. I was overwhelmed with gratitude that they were able to accomplished a monumental task. We were ready to receive our guests with full confidence of there comfort, and had a joyous wedding. I would recommend Bridges and her team for the professional manner and solid organizational skills they provide. Our family has added their name to our contact list.

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  • Lisa FlanaganLisa Flanagan

    I can’t express in words how much Briges and her team of organizers helped me when I downsized after my husband passed away. We were able to find proper places for the things I could not move into my new home. The team took care of taking things to consignment, charity, shredding, and they met my very tight deadlines. I used Briges two years ago when I moved to Scottsdale with my husband and they helped me organize my garage and closets. I highly recommend Get Organized With Briges + CO for any home or office project.

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