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  • Micki WeithMicki Weith

    Everyone in this organization is very professional. Bridges came out right away to give me an estimate and quickly was able to get 2 women scheduled to help me with my garage. They did a fantastic job as well as being friendly kind and non-judge mental during the process. Thanks again for my beautiful clean organized garage.

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  • Angelina R.Angelina R.

    I could write a novel on this one... which totally aligns to the task & a half Bridges signed up for in my endeavor! I'm just floored by the results. Who... Read More

  • Denise MatusDenise Matus

    Bridges and Rose were amazing! I had closets that were overflowing! Every time I would have to get into my closet I had such anxiety. Since Rose came over and helped me to get my closets organized, my closets look amazing and there is no more anxiety. I have like items together and everything has a home. Bridges and Rose are the best and I would recommend them to anyone for any job. Thank you so much! I feel like a weight is off my shoulders.

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  • Jasmyn L.Jasmyn L.

    I used this company to organize several areas in my house. I purchased a 48 hour package to help declutter my house and make things more functioning to keep... Read More

  • Phyllis LorimerPhyllis Lorimer

    Fantastic friendly and professional. I would hire and recommend them highly.

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  • Bethany H.Bethany H.

    I worked with Catherine and Zsofie and they were incredible. They made such a big difference in my apartment. I would recommend that anyone who is thinking... Read More

  • Connie BrunoConnie Bruno

    The team was on time & packed all my items with care. Natascha, Kate & Crystal were a pleasure to work with and I felt so relieved to have this wonderful professional team assisting me. You will not be disappointed!

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  • Angelina “Angie” RoskamAngelina “Angie” Roskam

    Still basking in the glory of a rejuvenated space! Because of a prior referral, I clicked a few buttons w/ ease & BOOM! Bridges calls, Rosa arrives & fast forward 2 sessions later… it’s pretty much a changed life!

    There is no shortage of professionalism, here. She shows up with a trash bin, donation boxes, tool tote & READY to go! Are you on a budget? NO problem! The magic of methods within this company ensure that everyone, no matter their current circumstances or lifestyle, will be fully helped & treated with the best advice & practical solutions to fit the individual needs.

    Bridges is easy to contact at any time- extremely kind & pleasant. Each of her employees are the same. I had direct contact with Rosa through the entire process- it was excellent being able to text & plan out ahead of time if I needed to grab anything before our appointment. And, what I had not thought of or considered- she suggested, even ahead of time so I could order & have it ready. I also entirely appreciate her stock supply of storage bins- brought directly to me & I had the option of purchasing (for an extremely reasonable price) as we progressed through the appointments.

    It doesn't have to be your full residence. You get to choose. It was more than easy/convenient to schedule 2 appointments around a time that worked best for me. Each were about 4 hours- WELL worth it. You don't feel pressured, judged or belittled. Every bit of this is constructive & working WITH you. You have the final say in everything. A simple file folder with the agenda is provided after a convenient consultation.

    I learned more than I anticipated. I felt more than comfortable allowing someone else into my personal space & I sincerely appreciate the tips & tricks Rosa provided., the laid back energy & sense of related comfort. You may think you are the "worst"... but rest assured, the level of professional here is NOT going to put you down or make you feel guilty.

    It doesn't matter if you have a studio apartment like mine, or a full house to tackle- THIS is the team you want on your side! All trash & donations were taken off my hands & hauled for me. The conclusion: I was left with an organized, rejuvenated space I now LOVE!

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What Clients Are Saying about Get Organized! with Bridges

“I was so elated and relieved when Bridges helped me complete organizing, giving away, and packing up all my possessions to move.  I had to downsize about 2/3 of my possessions and pack them up in an organized fashion, AND I COULD NEVER HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT BRIDGES!  Bridges is very positive, a motivator and “can do” person with a smile and great energy, strength, and endurance. She is wonderful at organizing everything and is great at helping you to throw out and give away things which no longer serve any use. Bridges works fast and can be trusted to work at her home as well if the situation requires it.  I highly recommend Bridges Conner for any of your organizing and packing needs!” – Dr. Jeanette Jacknin, Phoenix

“Bridges has an amazing work ethic and is one of the most efficient people I have ever worked with.  No matter what the task Bridges is the one to get it done.  She is the definition of organization!” – S. Lasky, S. Interior Design, Allied A.S.I.D. Member

“Bridges also helped me gain some momentum in getting other areas of my home in order. She has some wonderful ideas and gives a great perspective on finding what works for you and your family.  I would definitely recommend Bridges to come and get your home organized!!” – C. McEuen, 2 Sister’s Skin Spa

“Bridges Conner is one of those lucky people who is living her passion and achieving excellence in her area of expertise.  She moved through my project giving time saving strategies like they were passing comments.  As someone who does not have her natural gift for organization, yet loves to live in an orderly home environment, I gleaned invaluable advice and tips that have already saved me time and money. Do yourself a favor and let Bridges create her magic in your home.” – Michele Haglin, Lorelei English Toffee

“Every time I think about Bridges and the many skills she has brought to my home and office, I smile.  What a pleasure it is to have a system, to know where files are, and to get rid of clutter to the consignment shop.  My closet is so organized that I can actually put together some nice outfits with clothes that are current, that fit, and are easy to see. “She is lovely, professional, and doesn’t overwhelm you with choices and change.  Her personality is perfect for this work in that she is flexible, encouraging, and takes the lead in suggesting things without taking over (unless you want her to!).  She has helped me with small and large tasks making me, my home, and my office more functional.  Next we tackle my computer and my photos.” “I have fibromyalgia and she has been a huge blessing in my life…..simplifying, clarifying, and supporting.  I would not want to imagine living without her now that I know her talents as a professional organizer and now know that I need one.  Bridges is the best.” – Ellen Jackson


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