Don’t Wait-Organize Your Closet Now!

Don’t Wait to Organize Your Closet:  Decluttering and closet organization can provide a sense of balance in your life. You’ve heard of feng shui and bringing a new sense of order to your life? This concept is about creating order out of chaos and encouraging a renewed energy flow in your life and home. This is the cornerstone of an organized space, home and can change your life!

What keeps you from tackling that lingering project that you keep putting off until another day? Sometimes it helps to start small with an overwhelming project so that you are able to appreciate the success of change. Becoming more organized is a step-by-step process that will eventually become a lifelong habit that will also help decrease stress and bring more balance into your life or feng shui.

GOWB + CO Feng Shui

GOWB + CO Closet Organization Feng Shui

GOWB + CO Can Help With Closet Organization:  Try tackling closet organization as your next goal for an organized space. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to open your closet and find that exact item that you are searching for in an instant? Get Organized with Bridges + CO (GOWB) can help you accomplish the task of organizing your bedroom, hallway or office closets. You decide which project you wish to tackle first and we are here to provide you with an organizing plan to transform your closet space as well as offer many great resources. The GOWB team is happy to provide tips and strategies to help you maintain your newly organized closet space as well as return at any time to help reestablish that organized feng shui energy!

Establish Closet Organization Boundaries:  As mentioned above, establishing and adhering to the boundaries of a given space will prevent clutter and decrease stress. What are some ways to ensure you are able to maintain an organized and functional space for your closet organization. A great rule of thumb to live by is the “one in one out” rule.   As an example, every time you buy a new pair of shoes this means that you need to remove another pair of shoes that is not being worn or you don’t like anymore from your closet. This rule of thumb will help to ensure that you are able to maintain your functional and organized closet space.

Lifelong Closet Organization Habits:  The goal of organizing is to create lifelong habits that help maintain all the work you did to organize your space such as your closet organization project. Remember that anytime something new comes into your closet space like shoes or clothes that something else has to be removed. This is also known as the “one in; one out” rule. Embracing this concept will allow your closet space to flow and remain functional. This newly created closet organization process will provide you with that balance and feng shui that you are searching to find. Don’t wait and start now on your path to a more organized life step by step!