Frequently Asked Questions


It’s important to ask plenty of questions before using any professional service. If you don’t see your specific question listed, please contact us, we are happy to answer any questions that you have.

Q. What does a Professional Organizer do?

A.   Professional Organizers work with you to help develop an organized system that works for your life.   Remember, it is not a “one size fits all” program for us.  We are here for you from start to finish and help to get you through the “burn out” phase.   We will even shop for organizing items for you.  We help to keep you focused and offer second opinions with any difficult decisions.  Finally, we provide you with resources for selling and/or donating your unwanted items.

Q. Does the Professional Organizer come to me?

A.  Yes, all sessions take place in your home.

Q. What happens during the session with the organizer?

A.  The professional organizer acts as a coach and works alongside you the entire time. First, we look at the space that needs help and we figure out what is working and not working for you.  We’ll assess your space, the challenges and provide feedback on what we think will work for you.  Next, we’ll suggest a strategy to create a useful and organized space.  After the strategy is worked out, we will then schedule a date and time to get started!

Q. How many hours will it take to organize my space?

A.  It depends on the size of the project, its current condition, and your motivation level. Generally, in four hours, we can get a good start on or finish a small office, bedroom, closet, or kitchen cupboards.  Larger areas such as garages, attics, basements, or very cluttered areas can take longer; however we will provide a range of time, that we feel, we can complete the job in.  Some clients simply need someone to help them get started and then they finish the jobs themselves.  Others prefer to work with the organizer from start to finish.  Each client’s needs are unique and we are here to work with you and your needs!

Q. What is NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) and are you a member?

A. “NAPO is the premier organizing authority.  Membership provides the professional organizer a level of credibility available nowhere else in the industry”.  NAPO has a Code of Ethics (see our home page for Code of Ethics) by which members are expected to abide by.  A professional organizer who is a NAPO member has made a commitment to his/her business and thus to you, the client.  Get Organized! with Bridges is an active member of NAPO – National and is President of  NAPO – Arizona Chapter.

Q. I am very embarrassed about my mess?  I don’t know if I want anyone to see my situation.

A.  There is absolutely no reason to be embarrassed.  It is very common for people to get overwhelmed and we see it every day.  All appointments are kept in the strictest confidence. Remember, our consultants will work with you to reduce the stress and anxiety of handling difficult projects alone.

Q. Everything is such a mess.  Where do you begin?

A.  Generally, the area that provides the most frustration or stress would be the place to start.  If you can’t decide, Get Organized! with Bridges will complete a full home assessment and develop an organizational plan based on your lifestyle needs.

Q. My home just has a couple of trouble areas that need help. Can you organize smaller projects or just one room at a time?

A.  Absolutely!  It is generally easier to take on small projects.  It is fun to see the quick results and it often motivates you to take on larger projects in the future.  It’s common for people to start a project and not quite finish.  A Professional Organizer comes in with fresh ideas and resources that may have been difficult to see on your own!

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