When it comes to organizing your clothes we all need a little help.  Does the item belong in the closets or drawers?  It can be a real struggle for people to fit everything they own into the space that they have so you must spend some time deciding how to organize your clothes.  Throughout my years of organizing, I have always told people they should try to hang everything.  This of course is not always possible and if you are going to fold or stack any item it’s most likely going to be your t-shirts.  I don’t mind this because it is important to work within the space that you have and folding and stacking a pile of casual t-shirts will definitely take up less space, leaving your prime real estate available for those items that must be hung.

The key to keeping your t-shirts organized is to fold them all the same size.  When all the shirts are folded to the same size they will stack neatly in a drawer or on a shelf without toppling over.  Plus, you will be able to see all of them at a glance because the folded edges will all line up.  I found a really helpful tool for folding t-shirts.  It’s called the FlipFold Laundry Folder.  It can be purchased at The Container Store for about $25.00.

Use this great tool to help organize your clothes:

  • Is’s easy to store in the laundry room
  • It takes just as much time using it as it would to take to fold a shirt the regular way
  • It creates consistency in the look of your folded clothes

If you want a few more tips about keeping your clothing organized please check out this short video on how to use the FlipFold and help keep your drawers organized.

Happy Organizing!  Bridges