This is a golden rule that I use with each and every one of my clients and that is the “lids off policy.”  That is right…all of those beautiful tubs and boxes that you have need to have the lids off.  Think about this…your hands are full, you would really like to apply the “stow as you go” golden rule but your other hand is full.  You just want to put the small items away but you can’t lift off the lid.  Oh, what the heck, you just put it on top for the time being.

Does this sound familiar?  I see it day end and day out and I am here to tell you that unless it is a storage box in your garage and you get to that box on a regular basis, you life will be much easier if you take the lid off and store it under the tub or box.

Think about your kids, are they more apt to put it away if the lid is off?  You are the same way so take those lids off and enjoy the ease of putting things away single-handed!

Happy Organizing!  Bridges