It’s no secret that your bedroom is a reflection of your entire home. This is the room where we spend about 1/3 of our entire lives—and that’s just during the 8 hours when we’re asleep! Unfortunately, it can also become a place for clutter to get comfortable. Overstuffed dresser drawers, messy closets, and a bed that doubles as a catch-all for random items can add up to a room that adds stress instead of relieving it! However, with a few simple tips, you can make sure your bedroom remains the tidy paradise you want it to be.

Does it Need to Go Here?

This simple question will take care of many of your bedroom woes. Oftentimes, we collect items from other spaces in the bedroom for easy access to them in the middle of the night or the early morning. By rounding up these items, you can really make sure that everything is in its place. Best of all, any bedroom intruders that don’t have a home in the kitchen, living room, garage, or elsewhere in the house can just be donated or sold to make room in your home!

Make Your Bed—Trust Me!

Studies show that people who make their beds in the morning are happier and more productive! Making your bed also doubles as a great way to keep your bedroom tidy by addressing a few problem areas. The bed itself can accumulate clutter throughout the day, and most of this will either be pushed to one side or end up on the floor when you go to sleep. In the morning, as you pick your blankets and throw pillows up from the floor, chances are it’ll be easier to pick up anything else that has fallen.

Creative Storage

There are a few ways to maximize the storage capacity of your bedroom. If you have the materials or the budget, you can add drawers to the bed frame itself for a stylish option. Otherwise, clear plastic bins that slide under the bed work just as well for organizing your things.

Elsewhere, a good filing and folding system will ensure that all your belongings are neat, which means your space can be used to the max. Whether you’re straightening desk drawers or dresser drawers, this system is one that will keep cut down on your bedroom clutter.

The Monster in the Closet

Another area that often attracts clutter is the closet. Mismatched hangers, heaps of laundry, and items hidden away from the daylight can accumulate in a tight space, leading to an organized person’s nightmare.

Luckily, I’ve discussed closets with so many clients that some trends have emerged will work for just about any home! Check out this video for some of my best tips:


Next in Line

If you’re on a roll with your bedroom organizing, consider tackling the other bedrooms in your house. Guest rooms should always be kept clean, and I’ve written before about organizing your kids’ rooms as well.

Or perhaps you’d rather take your new filing skills to the office? Consider making your virtual files a part of this—next week comes National Clean Out Your Computer Day. Share your best computer organizing tips by commenting on this post!