Clearing clutter is a task that many people avoid that can become a destructive, lifelong habit. The importance of getting rid of material build-up is more than most think and can make a huge difference in your everyday life.

Clutter Everywhere

According to Miriam-Webster, clutter is defined as, ‘a large amount of things that are not arranged in a neat or orderly way’. This definition opens the door to more than just a messy pile of papers on the desk. Clutter can accumulate in your home before you realize it!

Any room in your home can be prone to becoming a mess. The tools in the garage, the clothes in your closet, and the toys in the playroom are all danger zones for jumbled piles of clutter. No matter which way you turn, there is the potential to create cluttered chaos or organized bliss.


Clutter Sets the Tone

The way you organize your home can affect more than its cleanliness. It’s the way that you store things that really affects the overall mood of the room and how people feel when they are in it. A messy room creates tension and a sense of being unsettled.

A room that is organized and free from clutter feels spacious and open. There is not so much stuff to take in visually, and people can relax. Imagine living in this type of clean space and you automatically think, ‘Ahhhhh’; a breath of fresh air.

Clutter, More than the Eye Can See

Clutter can also be defined as ‘delayed decisions’. When you are uncertain about what to do about a particular flyer, asking you to make a commitment to help with the community clean-up, for example, it’s easier to bury it in a pile of papers than to respond to it in an assertive way.

Putting these decisions on the back burner doesn’t solve the problem or make it go away, of course. It simply weighs on your subconscious as something to do on your ‘mental checklist’ that creates internal pressure and stress.

As you continue to delay decisions, and build up your piles of paper or clothes, the pressure and stress builds. Eventually, the feeling of being overwhelmed creeps in, and then you are really in a mess! Read more about clearing clutter in my blog, Organize and Clear Clutter.

Clutter from Too Much Stuff

The world is a materialistic place. Some of us are not organized because we simply have too many possessions; things we just don’t need. Some people don’t even realize how much stuff they actually have and buy extras of things they do have because they didn’t know that they already had it!

The great thing about organizing is that it keeps like items all together, so that you can see what you have, all in one place, instead of spread out across the house. This also keeps the searching and confusion out of the picture!

Clutter and the Fast Lane

The popular book, ‘Your Spacious Self: Clear Your Clutter and Discover Who You Are’, by Stephanie Bennett Vogt, suggests that clutter in part is due to our fast-paced lifestyles that leave no opportunity to take the time to de-clutter our lives. Technologies are developing that allow us to communicate like never before and overload us with too much information.

This can leave us distracted and overwhelmed. It can leave little room in the brain for thinking about things that could be simple tasks, such as throwing clothes in the hamper or sorting through the mail.


Clutter Undone; a New Start

Thankfully, there is hope! At Get Organized with Bridges + CO, we specialize in helping you to overcome the weight of clutter and move into the freedom of organization! Our team of professionals can help with any job, big or small!

The first step is to assess what is creating the mess that needs to be tackled. What is actually in that pile, drawer, or closet? We do this by purging everything from your space and starting over, this time with expert help with a new and different perspective.

This approach allows you to see what you truly have in your space, what is worth keeping and what can be eliminated. After sorting through everything, we can help you to determine the best placement and storage for your items that allows for the most convenient use for you and your family.

We have innovative, creative storage ideas for every area of the house, along with practical ideas and solutions that will help you to keep the clutter in check. Once these new ways of operating are in order, staying organized will become an easier task, and you can feel good about the order of your space.

This good feeling can permeate your home and spread into your life as you realize you now have more time, energy and space for those people and activities you really enjoy!