Delayed Decisions Create the Clutter in your Life


The golden rule of organizing that we are going to talk about today is actually a quote. I tell my clients this quote just about every day…it absolutely sums up the clutter acquiring traits that we struggle with on a daily basis. It goes like this “delayed decisions create the clutter in your life-unknown.” Wow…think about it and how it applies to your life.


A small pile of stuff can start the avalanche. Before you know it, you haven’t put up the original pile and then you come home with the mail the next day and put it on top of the original pile. This happens day after day and before you know it that piles has become a project. Now it will take too long to work on it because you are busy and all of a sudden it feels overwhelming, right! This is just a small example of how clutter and stuff can accumulate in your life. And some of these piles are much bigger than others.


The key is to work those piles on a daily basis so they never have the opportunity to create a project further down the line. The small amount of time that you can invest on a daily basis will save you a lot of time, energy and money in the long run!


Happy Organizing! Bridges