A friend told me recently about how they had her daughter’s birthday party at the Humane Society.  The kids made posters to help get animals adopted, interact with the animals, and even named a dog that had just been rescued.  The best part was the kids gave donations to the Humane Society instead of gifts to the birthday girl.  AWESOME!!!  This got me thinking about giving experiences instead of gifts.

This holiday season instead of giving my sons a bunch of “things” they don’t really need, I am taking them on a cruise and hopefully making memories that will last a lifetime.  Now, this kind of experience might be a little extreme for some, but think about what you could give to your kids, your family, or your friends that is not “more stuff”.  Although your gift may be thoughtful it might just cause more clutter in that persons life.  Most of us don’t need more “stuff”. 

This year think outside the mega-store and give someone an experience they will remember.  If you are a parent or grandparent consider giving family passes to the zoo, the children’s museum, the Polar Express, even Disneyland or Sea World.  Think about giving your friends the gift of time.  A few movie passes and a coupon for free babysitting is great for that busy friend who needs a night out.  For that active family consider tickets to a baseball, basketball, or hockey game, also passes to the theater or orchestra would be a unique gift for most people.  Consider a stay-cation at one of our great resorts or a hiking trip up north. 

There are so many great thing to experience living here in Phoenix, you don’t need to give “stuff”.  Be different by giving an experience.  Chances are that person or family will not only make a great memory because of you, they will also always remember that great gift of an experience you gave them.

Happy Holidays and Happy Organizing!  Bridges