holiday cookies

Bake Now, Freeze For Later!

Do you envy those people who show up to the cookie exchange with an amazing assortment of cookies?  Do you wish you had more time to enjoy these types of events?  Do you not participate because you do not have the time to bake?  Well, I have a secret for you!  If you are planning on going to a cookie exchange, start baking NOW!  Yes, NOW!  The secret is in the freezer…yes, you can bake your holiday cookies now and freeze them for later.  No one will know the difference and  you be the envy of everyone else.

We all have good intentions to attend these great events.  Both for the social aspect of it and the ability to come home with an even bigger assortment of cookies than what you left with!  Seriously, I freeze my cookies all year-long.  Even if I just bake some chocolate chip cookies, I stick them in the freezer so they w ill stay fresher…longer!  People always wonder when I have time to bake because I love showing up randomly with a plate of cookies for someone.  I love to see their face light up and it is really easy on my part…it is already done!  Try it!

Happy Baking!  Bridges