The holiday season is fast approaching, and your to-do list can quickly become overwhelming. Check out these tips and golden rules, or watch the video from Bridges Conner, professional home organizer, to put into action before the holiday season gets away from you.

Gift Bag Organizer

A gift bag organizer helps you store your gift bags and tissue paper. You can hang it in the closet, where it’s out of the way, but everything is in one place. And there’s also one you can use for gift wrap.

Golden Rule: Vertical is visible, horizontal is hidden. If items get stacked, you can’t see what’s at the bottom.

Sectioned Toolbox/Craft Organizer Box

Use them to store your holiday odds and ends, extra extension cords, spare holiday light bulbs, extra ornament hangers, and more.

Golden Rule: Store it where you use it. Keeping like items together will help save time and keep them accessible when you’re ready to use them.

Dishes and Serveware

Create one home to store your Christmas dishes, serving dishes, table decorations, etc.

Golden rule: everything needs to have one home. Whatever you end up using to organize them, create one home for these items as they come out for use at the same time of year.


Hang your holiday linens. Iron or dry clean them after the holidays, so they’re all ready to go next year, instead of trying to pull the table together last minute.


After you decorate, anything you have left that wasn’t used, donate it! You tend to use 20 percent of your holiday decorations 80 percent of the time; downsizing will help you save space for next year.

If you’d like some help getting organized for the holidays, give professional home organizer Bridges Conner a call at 480-297-7355, or contact us for a free consultation.