Your closet and bathroom are your ‘get ready’ stations in the morning, the first places you go to tackle the day. But if they’re disorganized and overflowing with clutter, starting your day off becomes an exercise in finding your favorite foundation, your purse that’s somewhere behind the rest, and trying not to knock over more things in the process. If this sounds familiar, then watch the video or check out our tips on how to organize your closet and bathroom.

Tips for Organizing Your Closet

Your closet holds your wardrobe for the day, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, then it can be a challenge getting ready in the morning! When you’re starting an organizing project, everything needs to come out first, so you can see what you have. Once everything is out, you can begin to see what you have and determine what you need.

Organized closet

When you’ve sorted through everything, you need to have a system in place to put them back into, or else you’ll end up back in the same place as before. For jewelry, there are clear hangers with pockets where you can store your pieces and see what you have for easy access. Purses and bags are best when stored vertically. If they’re stored horizontally, the ones on the bottom are hidden, and you won’t know what’s there. You can also store your purses vertically in bins that are not as tall as your purses so you can pull each bin out to easily reach your bags.

Another great organizer for your closet is an over the door shoe organizer. But the key is, it has to be clear so that you can see what is in it. You can hang these over the door for easy access, and they are great for shoes and things other than shoes such as belts and scarves.

Over the door shoe organizer

To save some space in your closet, switch to velveteen hangers. They are thinner, so you have more room, and spaghetti straps won’t slip off. If you dry clean, you might find you have a pile of the hangers lying around; get a caddy to put them in so you can easily take them back to the cleaners for recycling.

Tips for Organizing Your Bathroom

Organizing your bathroom can be tricky, particularly under the sink, because you cannot utilize the vertical space, and you have plumbing that interrupts the space. The key is to find a system that works with your needs. There’s no right or wrong system here, and it will depend on what sort of items you need to store.

Under sink organizers

One option is to build an under-the-sink organizer, which will give you vertical space, and you can build it around the plumbing. Some under-the-sink organizers have sliding drawers you can pull out so your products are easily accessible. Another good organizer is simple, plastic shoe boxes for beauty products. You can pull out the box, set it on the countertop as you’re getting ready, then easily put it back underneath the sink when you’re done.

Setting Yourself up for Success

Set yourself up for success by finding a system that works for you. The right system will help you stay organized all year long. And that’s the key, setting up systems that work for you that you will use to keep yourself organized.

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