Garages are often overflowing with items that get stuffed in there as an afterthought and are then forgotten about. If you are looking for extra car space, or can’t find your bicycle among the heaps of miscellany in your garage, then watch the video or read the rest of this post for tips on how to organize your garage.

Know Your Organizational Goals

A common reason for cleaning out the garage is to make space for another car, which is why the Shitria’s have enlisted professional organizer, Bridges’, help. Knowing your goals is vital to the process as your garage’s organization will ultimately be based on your family’s priorities, which will help when you decide which items you’ll want easy access to, and which can be stored out of reach.

In addition to making space for another car, the Shitria’s are looking to create dedicated spaces for the kids and their equipment, and make sure they know where things belong. Once you’ve decided on your goals, the next step in the process is to purge. Everything needs to come out of the garage to be sorted into piles of throw out, donate, or keep.

Purging and categorizing the garage

Categorize Your Items

Once you’ve decided what you want to keep, it’s time to group them into categories that make sense for you; for the Shitria’s, this is sports, camping, and bags. Once the garage is emptied and everything is categorized, it’s time to sort your categories based on their frequency of use. If something needs to be at your fingertips, it should be accessible to the door or the car. If it’s used less frequently, then it can go up higher and have less accessibility.

Keeping everything categorized will help you find items when you’re looking for them. For example, if your tools are scattered throughout the garage, you can install a pegboard by the tool bench and keep them at hand.

Re-using containers for storage can be a perfect way to use what you already have on hand. A sturdy garbage bin can be used for skis or foldable chairs, and an over-the-door shoe organizer is perfect for party supplies. It allows you to see everything you have – balloons, ribbons, goody bags – and helps you avoid buying duplicates.

Use a shoe organizer for party supplies

Organization Tips

When organizing your garage, utilizing the storage rule of storing things vertically ensures you can see what you own. Storing items horizontally makes it more difficult to find and see what you have, making it easier for them to get lost in piles and unused.

Hanging up bikes is an excellent way to clear up floor space. Utilizing bins for sports equipment can help keep like with like, making it easy for the kids to grab and to put away!

For items that you often use, leave the bins open. Only close up containers for things you don’t use regularly. This will make it easier to access those everyday items.

If you’re looking for professional help with an overflowing garage, call professional home organizer, Bridges, at 480-297-7355, or contact us for a free consultation.