It can be easy to let things get out of control in the kitchen. Your junk drawer starts overflowing, food disappears into the cabinet, and the refrigerator gets cluttered with more than it can fit. The key to keeping your kitchen organized is to have a home for everything, where you can quickly put things away and always know where to find them. Watch the video or read on for some tips on how to organize your kitchen.

How to Organize Your Kitchen Junk Drawer

Your kitchen junk drawer is the catch-all for things that don’t otherwise have a home, but that doesn’t mean it has to be disorganized. The first step you’ll have to take is to empty that junk drawer! Take everything out and start sorting like with like. Now you can more clearly see what to keep and what to toss. Expired coupons, dried-out pens, that one screw that doesn’t belong to anything, throw them out.

Now that you’ve sorted like with like, you can see what sort of organizational system will work best for your junk drawer. There are organizers that expand to the size of your drawer, or systems with different sized bins that can be arranged like a puzzle to fit your needs. Whatever you use, now your drawer will be organized, and you’ll always be able to find what you are looking for.

Organizing the dunk drawer

Store It Where You Use It – Get Coupons out of the Junk Drawer

Not all of your junk drawer items belong in your junk drawer. For example, what about those coupons you stuff in there? What happens when you are out driving and decide to stop at the store? Your coupon is still in that coupon drawer, and you can’t use it. Instead, store your coupons where you’ll use them and keep a coupon holder in your car.

How to Organize Your Children’s Artwork

Children’s artwork and keepsakes are something that often gets stuffed wherever they can – thrown on the counter or overcrowding the refrigerator. To make sure they get saved and not crumpled up, during the school year, have an open bin for each child, labeled with their name and grade. Keep the lids off during the school year for easy storing. During the year, place any items in it as you go, or as you need to make space on the refrigerator. And at the end of the year, they can put in their planner and awards, and then put the lid on and store it up high in their closet.

How to Organize Your Pantry

Getting your kitchen pantry organized can save you money when you can see what you have! The kitchen pantry can be a battleground – things get lost, food gets stuffed behind other food, so you end up not knowing what you’ve got and buying more of the same thing.

To keep your pantry organized, consider using labeled bins for each category. A lazy susan can keep spices and other items from disappearing into a dark corner, and you can access items easily. Or add more storage space to your pantry with a space-saving basket that can sit under the shelf and is perfect for holding paper plates and napkins. Stair steppers that go on top of your shelf and raise items at different levels are perfect for your cans, so you don’t have to pull the ones up front out to see what’s behind them.

Organizing the pantry

There are even some items that should be moved outside of the kitchen pantry and placed where they will be used by storing them with like items they are used with. If your coffeemaker is on the counter, store your mugs and sweetener in the cupboard above it for quick and easy access.

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