When most people think of finding joy in the little things, the mind conjures up an image of a child’s laughter, a smile from a stranger or a flower bud pushing up from underneath the snow. These are typical images.

Joy in Organization

For me, as an organizer, joy can be found in little things, too. But, my little things look a little different. I think of a clean counter, a bare floor or folded clothes. Those little things that add up together to become big changes. And, big change is possible if you add up those little things.

The best thing about organization is that it is transformational. Once a person has changed their mindset and begun to act differently, they are no longer in the rut that caused their mind and their space to become cluttered. It’s not just learning to put things away or rearranging the furniture. This can change your life! Read more about how to get organized in my blog, Golden Rules of Organizing.


Organized Bliss

Living a life free of clutter is one of the best feelings! Having the freedom to make choices and not be weighed down by unmade decisions is very liberating. It keeps your mind from going back and forth, bouncing around options and scenarios. Procrastinating is one of the most paralyzing habits.

Your life runs much smoother because you know where items are in your home, and you can locate them easily without wasting precious time or energy searching for a lost item. We spend roughly one year of our life looking for lost possessions.

Most of all, the excess paper or clothing or knickknacks that fill your space don’t clutter your mind with the thought of what to do with it or the overwhelming feeling that comes when you walk by it every day. When you hoard objects, they take up your energy.

Making It Count

Start increasing your joy today by being intentional and choosing to do one little thing. Maybe it is folding your laundry in the morning, packing a lunch in the evening or placing the car keys by the front door every time you come home.

Each little thing you do starts to become routine the more you do it, until it becomes a habit. You are looking to change your thinking and your behavior, so keep up the good work, even if you slip up once or twice. The rewards outweigh the consequences.

Change that Works

Once you have your life and your home organized, it is much easier to see how you started down that path in the first place. Items that work together better in one spot, rather than scattered around the house. Shelves, baskets or drawers that keep things organized, instead of things in piles.

Papers that are dealt with, instead of being left for a later date, and items being donated or gotten rid of that you never use or are just keeping for “just in case”. These ways of living, or rather not living, cease to be a problem, and you can focus your energies on accomplishing those things that you really want to spend your time on.

Organizing helps you move into that healthy, joyous and simple kind of living that allows you to be present to the little things in life. So start today, and Get Organized!