kitchen organizationI love to cook and I love my spices.  I also want them at my fingertips when I need them.  Here are a few ideas to help you organize your spices and stay on track with your kitchen organization.

1)  Alphabetize them.  They are done this way at the grocery store for a reason…you can find them easier.  The same holds true at home.  You are also less apt to purchase duplicates if you are categorized this way!  Here are some storage options:

  • Cabinet.  Line them up on a mini stair-step unit or a two-tiered turntable.
  • Pantry.  Line them up on a tiered storage unit with easy access.
  • Drawer.  Use a specially made insert that tilts up each row of spice jars.

2)  Permanent Marker.  Use a marker to write down the purchase date.  Here is a fast and hard rule to keep your spices fresh.  You can keep whole spices about two years, but no longer than four years.  For your ground spices, you can keep them about a year, but no longer than two years.

3) Heat sources.  Heat can definitely affect the quality of your spices.  Do not store your spices directly above your stove or it will diminish their quality.  Also, keep them out of direct light and make sure that you screw they lids on tightly after each use.

If you have any specific questions about your spices, please feel free to ask!

Happy Organizing!  Bridges