Thanks to my friends at Monkey Bars for this great blog.  I have been working with Monkey Bars for years now and I have to say, they really know what they are doing when it comes to garage organization.  They have great products and great people to work with.

“Have you sorted and organized everything in your garage, but still find you lack adequate space to store it all? Have you considered looking up? Many people don’t recognize the value of vertical space. Our brains think from left to right. Look up and you’ll discover an abundance of valuable, underutilized storage space. If you have the height, use it to your advantage and get everything up off the floor and out of the way!

 Overhead and Ceiling Space

Possibly the most valuable vertical space you should take advantage of in your garage is the overhead ceiling space. Ceiling space in the garage is almost always wasted space. This space is perfect for storing off-season, holiday, and less frequently used items up out of the way, yet still easily accessible when you really need them.

Take advantage of the space over windows, doors, and garage doors to store less frequently used items out of the way. Consider installing a durable overhead rack system to safely store hundreds of pounds of these items up high.

Monkey Bars Garage Organizing System

Monkey Bars Garage Organizing System

Wall Space

Most people believe they are already utilizing their garage wall space to store things. But are you maximizing on all the wall space your garage has to offer? Maximize on wall space in the garage with shelves and hooks.

Mount shelves up higher to store larger items that still need to be easily accessible. Below the shelves, employ hooks or rack systems to hang more frequently used items for quick and easy access. Hooks are an invaluable garage storage solution. Utilize them to hang everything from tools, bikes, sports equipment, yard tools, kid’s toys, etc, all up off the floor. This combination of hooks below shelves maximizes on a limited amount of wall space to store a lot of items.

Wall Mounted Cabinets

If you want to bring an organized, clean look to your garage, consider getting wall mounted cabinets. Cabinets come in all different sizes and configurations and store everything out of sight. Mounting cabinets to the wall help you maintain a clean garage floor and prevent unwanted pests from making a home in your garage.

Mounted Garage Cabinets

Mounted Garage Cabinets

If you’re ready to get your garage organized and looking for tips on how to get started, Bridges’ tips here are great! Employing her steps and this knowledge of vertical space will help you achieve an organized, functional garage.”

Bio: Monkey Bars of Phoenix is a garage storage and organization company serving Phoenix and the surrounding area with garage storage solutions and tips for an organized garage.

Happy Organizing! Bridges