Here are some tips to help you organize your linen closet so that when it’s time to change the sheets or you have guests coming you can easily make the bed. If your idea of folding a fitted sheet is making it into one big ball, then check out the video and steps below on how to easily fold it and keep your linen closet organized.

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Start by turning the sheet inside out and finding the corners.

Finding the corners of a fitted sheet

With your fingertips in the two corners of the sheet, put your fingertips together. Now wrap that around, and the sheet is now right side out.

Putting fingers in the corners of fitted sheet
Wrapping the fitted sheet around

Using a surface, work the sheet so it’s folded to the best of your ability, keeping all the gathered areas together.

Folding the fitted sheet

The key with folding any kind of sheet is that all your rough edges go in. Fold each rough edge in so that they’re inside the fold. The sheet should now be in a long rectangular shape.

Folding the rough edges of a fitted sheet in

And then you’re going to do three folds – one, two, three! Now you have a nicely folded fitted sheet.

Folding the fitted sheet in three folds
Final, folded fitted sheet

Keeping Your Linens Organized

Rather than keeping your sheets and pillowcases separated by type in your linen closet, keep them in sets. Layer your fitted sheet, sheets, and pillowcase on top of each other, and then take the second pillowcase and put everything inside. Now pull the slack under and you’ve got an entire sheet set in a nice neat package, ready and easy to grab off the shelf.

Stacking the linen set
Organized linen set inside pillowcase

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