If you dread doing laundry, then it’s time to make your least favorite chore a little easier. Getting and keeping your laundry room organized will make doing laundry a breeze. Watch the video below or read our tips on organizing your laundry room.

Keeping like items with like will help make laundry go smoother. Store your detergents, bleach, fabric softeners, and dryer sheets near your machines in either a cabinet or wall shelf. Come laundry time you’ll have everything nearby! To make sure your laundry room stays clean, keep a trash bin near your dryer so you’ll have a dedicated space for dryer lint and used dryer sheets.

Every laundry room should have a hanging space so that you can keep your clothes wrinkle-free as they come out of the dryer. If you don’t have a built-in one, you can get a mobile one! Plus, it lets you roll the clothes right back to your closet. Alternatively, you can install a ceiling clothes hanger to utilize the vertical space if your laundry room is on the smaller size.

Hanging clothes organizer

Utilizing these tips will help make laundry quicker, easier, and less of a pain. If you’re interested in how a professional organizer can help you get and stay organized, call Bridges at 480-297-7355 or contact us for a free consultation.