Organizing products are very important when getting your home in order. There are so many to choose from and so many ways to use them that will fit your unique style! These are inexpensive, practical products; I have put together a list of some of my favorites to help you on your way.

Messy Drawers?

One of the most recommended products I have for my clients is an easy to use t-shirt folder called the FlipFold A 3-hinged, plastic board lets you fold the item in thirds and then in half, producing neatly folded pieces of laundry that are uniform and space-saving.

However, the FlipFold can also be used for jeans, shorts, skirts- even towels and sheets. It makes laundry folding a snap, and it cuts down on wrinkles and drawer space, so you can organize your dresser drawers and closets with ease, knowing it is ready to wear.

It’s a great product that is easy to use and can be found at your local Container Store!

product 01

Loose Items?

Another product I go to is the over-the door-shoe organizer. These are especially handy if the pockets are clear, so that you can see the contents. This being said, these can be used for many other items besides shoes! Of course keeping your shoes in pairs and up off of the floor is great, but here are some other uses for this great product!

This is a wonderful organizing tool for cleaning products, nail polishes, small toys, hair accessories, belts, scarves and even bathroom toiletries. Anything small that needs to be contained will work for this one!

Crowded Garage?

Most people’s garage could use some tidying up. It is common in my organizing business to see families that store too much stuff in the garage that takes up floor space. To combat this problem, I highly recommend Monkey Bars of Phoenix.

This company, owned by Bob Lefebvre, carries plenty of organizing products, including shelving accessories, ceiling mounted storage systems and monkey bars- mounted hooks that can handle chairs, garden tools, even the family bike collection!

To read more about getting your garage in order and see the amazing products from Monkey Bars of Phoenix in action, go to my website and check out my blog, Garage Organizing 101, Before it’s 110.

Under the Sink Jumble?

It can be a chore to keep the area under the sink neat and orderly and accessible. That is why I love to tell my clients about the Double Tier, Expandable, Under the Sink Organizer, another product I found at the Container Store.

This shelving unit expands side to side and has pieces that slide to accommodate the piping under the sink, so that it can be adjusted to fit any home. These sliding pieces allow you to utilize the vertical space underneath your sink as well. It also comes with bins that easily slide in and out of the shelving unit.

product 02

Closet Chaos?

One product that is great for organizing your closet is velveteen hangers. They keep straps from sliding off and keep all of your clothes hanging nicely.

They are a ¼ of an inch thin, which is a quick way to save space in your closet. And, they have rounded edges that keep your clothes from getting those shoulder dimples that you see sometimes from pointed hangers.

Another space saver for your closet is the cascading hanger. This product allows you to hang several items vertically on one hanger while maintaining the horizontal space.

A third product for organizing your closet space is the double hanging rod. You can find this online or at any organizing store, but I particularly like this version, made by Umbra. This product can also be found at the Container Store! It’s a great place to shop to get organized!

This rod is adjustable for the height and width of your closet. This hangs on a single hanging rod and automatically doubles the space available to you.

Jewelry Confusion?

A great product for keeping your jewelry organized and uncluttered is the Little Black Dress. It looks like a dress, but it has clear plastic pockets on the front, convenient storage for bracelets or earrings. On the flip side is room for hanging necklaces.

Another product is a belt hanger with hooks across the front, used instead for an organizer for your necklaces that keeps everything in view and makes things easy to locate.

General Clutter?

Clear, plastic tubs are great for organizing and storage. They allow you to put things away and keep everything visible so that you don’t forget what you have. A common mistake is to pack something away and then buy a new one because you didn’t realize you already had it!

Solutions at Your Fingertips

All of these products can help to make organizing your home a simple and enjoyable task. Once you have the items you need, it’s amazing how quickly you can get your life in order and feeling good! And, you can always call the experts at Get Organized with Get Organized at Bridges + CO to give you that professional touch!