In the spirit of Earth Day why not take a minute to consider a few simple examples of repurposing that also allow you to get more organized and clear your clutter.  Just remember, it’s not about how beautiful your organizing system is, it’s all about how effective it is.  Taking items you already have and reusing them in a system that helps your manage your mess, is the perfect homage to Earth Day.

Cereal Boxes

Use empty cereal boxes to sort your storage container lids.








Toilet Paper Rolls

Also, use toilet paper rolls inside a shoe box as a pen and pencil organizer.










Muffin Tray

Ice cube and muffin trays can hold hundreds of different small items from jewelry, to buttons, to paper clips.

Ice Cube Trays

What can you use your old ice cube trays for?

Lotion Bottle

Look at this creative use for an old lotion bottle. Recharging station where you don’t have to look at your cords.







Try taking a look around your home to see if you can get creative by repurposing an old item that will help you get organized.

Happy Organizing!  Bridges