My clients are the most important people to me! They come to me with needs, asking for help, and I can bring in a new perspective and give them the relief and solutions they are longing for.


When I first enter a client’s home, I can spot clutter right away! Those obvious piles or those ones that are tucked away, hiding in a closet; I am familiar with all of the ways clutter can make its home in your house.

One of the best things about my clients are the stories that come with their clutter. It is not by mistake that their house has become so disarrayed.

There is always a reason, whether they were overwhelmed with a move into a new house, they were having family difficulties or they were having trouble with self-confidence. Each client is unique and special with a story of their own!


The Beginning

The first thing clients want is reassurance and some instruction. They need to know that their specific problem is manageable and able to be resolved.

When we begin to sort through their items, the client must be willing to let go of control and stop holding on to things that they no longer need. People always have a mix of both items they need and ones they really have no use for any longer.

We sort piles into like with like, and this makes it easier to see what is actually in that mysterious pile! There may be multiples of some things, and this will reveal how much the client really knows about the belongings they own.

Decision Time

Once this has been determined, now comes the time to make decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of, whether that means donating, recycling or simply throwing away. This can be the tricky part for some clients, as this is the step they have been avoiding the whole time, hence the clutter.

As clients make their decisions, emotions can surface. After all, this handy pile has allowed them to avoid anxiety, anger, maybe even sadness or grief. We are human, after all.

Moving Through

Whatever the case may be, by the time my clients have come to me they are usually ready to face these emotions that have held them back from making progress and getting their lives in order.

The process can go quickly once the client has moved into the decision that they will make decisions. They begin to grow in their confidence and feelings of empowerment. They can see progress, and the relief is visible.


The New Way

After clearing out the clutter, we get everything put into place, the way the client can utilize it best. We also use the proper storage containers, giving everything a home.

We go over ways to keep their space in this new arrangement, and new ways to think about the way they store things or get rid of things they don’t need.

A Thousand Words

I offer my clients a Before and After picture of their space. This visual is so powerful in motivating them to keep in place the new set up!  It also reminds them of what can happen to them if they don’t keep on top of things.

It helps them to remember that this new way of life is possible to maintain, and it gives them hope and determination. It is a victory!