holiday cards

What do you do with your holiday cards?

The season is upon us…now, what are we supposed to do with all of wonderful holiday cards that we will be receiving shortly?  Most of us do not want to throw them away but how can we enjoy them during the seasons.  There are, of course, great products that you can but to display them, but I wanted to offer some creative solutions that are very affordable.

1)  Take down a portion of your decor in living area and replace it with a bulletin board.  As your cards come in, tack them up and enjoy all of the great pictures and cards that you receive.

2)  Tack a ribbon from one side of your window to another.  suspend cards by running the ribbon up under the fold of each card.  As your collection grows, you will create a garland effect along your window and it will be very festive!

3)  Create a collage through a piece of glass on your coffee table or even your kitchen table if there is glass available.  Start with the border on the table and work your way in as you go.  It will be quite the conversation piece!

4)  Finally, you can create colorful archways around your doors by lining your door frames with your cards.  This can cover many door frames in your house and will create quite the holiday mood!

I would love to hear any additional suggestions that you may have.  We are all looking for great solutions for our holiday cards every year!

Happy Organizing!  Bridges