This golden rule is the battle cry of The Organizer Lady and her followers, Messies Anonymous.  It goes like this, “stow as you go!”  This makes so much sense but I think that we get so busy in our lives that we forget to do this.  And, we need to do this on a regular basis…no exceptions.  Believe me, the better habit of putting things away at the time you use them, the greater results you will see down the road. It really is that simple…

If you open a drawer, close it.  If you use a pair of scissors, put them back.  If you use a tool from the tool box, put it back.  It is so easy, but all of these delayed decisions will create clutter along the line and then you are looking at a string of things to put away and then it becomes a chore.

Say it one more time with me “stow as you go!” and make this your battle cry each and every day!

Happy Organizing!  Bridges