When it comes to organizing your bathroom, simplifying is a must. It is the second busiest room in the house, just behind the kitchen. It’s where most people prepare for the beginning and end of their day

Bathroom Counter Tops

Getting ready in the morning, especially with kids and school, requires that the counters be free of clutter and have plenty of room to do your morning routine. And, a clutter free space helps with your evening routine when you are tired from your day.

First, decide what needs to be out for everyday use. There are some basics that everyone has on their bathroom counter, and the rest will simply be what suits your specific needs.

Most everyone can agree that soap is a priority next to the sink. For bar soap, some sort of dish or holder will prevent a big mess. Liquid soaps come in a bottle or can be put into a dispenser to match your décor.

You can purchase matching bathroom sets that include a toothbrush holder cup, drinking cup and soap dish at any decorative store, such as Bed, Bath and Beyond or Target, or discount stores like Ross, Marshall’s and T.J. Maxx.

Some people like their toothbrushes out in a cup or hanging next to the sink in a holder. Other people that are more sensitive to their toothbrush being out in the open prefer for them to be hidden away inside the cabinet, along with the toothpaste.

Bathroom 1 (1)

Bathroom Cabinets

Everything you want to store in the bathroom and have hidden from view is perfect for putting inside the cabinets. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you may have room for only a few things or room for storage as well.

The ‘medicine cabinet’ has traditionally been a place to store medicines, toothbrushes, mouthwash and floss and all those you items you use routinely. If you wear contacts or even reading glasses, this is a good place to keep them .

Keeping your medicines here will help you to remember to take them in the mornings and the evenings when you do your routines. Another good reason to keep them here is because they are up high, out of reach for little hands.

Toiletries such as face lotion, sunscreen, makeup, cotton balls, Q-tips all have a place in this cabinet, as it is convenient and easy to reach. You can keep each category of items grouped together so that it makes them easy to locate.

Under the Sink

For under the sink storage, products for cleaning, as well as hair products, curling iron, flat iron, etc. can easily fit here. Bigger items are best in this cabinet.

It can be a chore to keep the area under the sink neat and orderly and accessible. That is why I love to tell my clients about the Double Tier, Expandable, Under the Sink Organizer, a product I found at the Container Store.

This shelving unit expands side to side and has pieces that slide to accommodate the piping under the sink, so that it can be adjusted to fit any home. These sliding pieces allow you to utilize the vertical space underneath your sink as well. It also comes with bins that easily slide in and out of the shelving unit. For more products that I recommend, read my blog, Products for Organizing Your Home.

For those of you with smaller bathrooms, you can purchase a stack of plastic, clear drawers to create more cabinet space. This enables you to quickly identify what is inside the drawer as well.

For those of you with bigger homes, washcloths and towels can be kept in these cabinets, which makes it convenient for you and for guests when they stay overnight.

Towels should be folded and stacked, washcloths with washcloths and so on, so that everything can be very accessible. If you have different sets in different colors, then group them accordingly.

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 Tub and Shower

This area should contain only the products and items you use daily. Body and hair products can be kept in a storage container that suctions to the wall or even in dispensers that attach to the side of the shower.

Another product that is popular is a shelf unit that goes over the top of the shower head that can hold bottles as well as razors, soap and body poof loofahs.

Try to keep only what is needed for everyone in your family so there aren’t too many items vying for floor space. You want to keep the floor as cleared up as possible.

If you have children, tub toys can be kept in a plastic bin on the side of the tub so that no one slips in the shower. This also helps kids to be responsible in picking up after themselves.

Bathroom Floor

The bathroom floor should be kept dry and clear of wet towels or toys. Wet towels need to be hung back up to dry or taken to the laundry room.

You can also put a hook on the back of the door to designate towels that have been used or need to be washed. A hamper in the bathroom can also be used for this purpose.

Another popular item for the back of the door is a clear plastic shoe holder, which can basically hold any small item. This can help you to organize anything from nail polishes to hair ties to cleaning products.

Your Bathroom

The best rule of thumb for organizing is to place items where you use them. Make sure that the set up works for you and your family and makes your time readying for the day or night a smooth transition!