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What happened?  All of a sudden (it seems) we are faced with the daunting task of downsizing and selling our home or that of our parents.

Prepare for the transition

Ideally, we would have time to plan for the transition six months to one year before a move.  In that case, we work with our clients to set up schedules, starting with a certain area or space in the home.   More time to plan also allows people to prepare emotionally for the change.

The first questions are almost always, “Where do we begin?” and “How do we begin?”  For everyone, the first step is always the dreaded “D-word,” Decluttering.  With our process, we downsize one room at a time, and typically start with the least-used room.  If our client needs to sell the home, we look at keeping it attractive for real estate showings, which can be challenging during a transition.  We might suggest staging it.

Little or no warning

However, more likely, the need to move on comes without too much warning.   Some of our clients have lost a partner and realize they can no longer live alone in the home which they have shared with their loved one for many years.   At other times both partners have made the decision to move to smaller quarters and enjoy a life without the demands of a large property.  Or if an individual becomes incapacitated, the necessity for moving can become urgent very quickly.

Sorting belongings

Moving into decluttering without much preparation can feel overwhelming.  Our lifetime of belongings often defines who we are, and the task of decision-making can be unnerving.  Is this a sentimental or practical item?  Can my parents or I live without it?

Should we hold a garage sale?  Or make use of craigslist?  Should we call the local Goodwill or non-profit organization?  How can we honor our family’s history, but not burden ourselves with too much clutter?   At this time a professional organizer who has assisted many others in this process can get the job done with dignity, patience and understanding.

Professional organizers

With over seven years of experience, my dedicated staff and I will guide you through this rite of passage.  We assist not only in the actual downsizing of the home and its belongings, but also offer practical advice regarding the many details associated with the actual move.  Your move doesn’t have to be stressful!

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Get quotes from two moving companies.
  • Be sure to check the basic liability coverage offered.
  • Let the movers pack your belongings. They are the professionals.
  • Transport irreplaceable items personally.

Let us help

We can be of most assistance when called upon to work on downsizing well ahead of any move.  We will keep the process moving ahead and assist family members who may not have the time or who live out of town.  Your move will go more smoothly if we coordinate all aspects.  Our experienced professionals are sensitive to clients’ needs and align ourselves with their goals.


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